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Seam Welding Frame Rails

December 14th, 2009 No comments

Taking another page from Ray’s book, I’ve decided to do some seam welding. I’m doing 1″ welds, a couple inches apart, along some of the frame rails, where they meet the body panels. I guess the stock spot-welds aren’t that great as far as torsional rigidity. anyway it’s an easy enough way to add some stiffness into the body. I’m also going to weld the shock towers. There is bracing where the control arm fasteners come through the shock towers. It’s spot-welded in place and since I’m going to be asking a lot more of those joints with the larger tires and the higher speed corners on the track, I’ll go ahead and weld around those seams as well. I might not worry about it with the frame rails that I already welded to the new floor pans, because I know I welded those really strong.

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June 16th, 2009 No comments

I just talked with one of the local “friends of the club” here in Hayward. He said that what we could do is have him do the spray work and body work, and I could take the car home inbetween stages and do the sanding and prep stuff myself. Not a bad idea. I’m sure that I could do the sanding/rubout very well. The spray is more of an unknown, especially with metallic. So this might be a good trade-off and a big money-saver. Sanding/rubout represent a good portion of the hours in the paint process.

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Body and Paint

June 4th, 2009 No comments

Since this project has gone way over budget, I’m considering the idea of doing some of my own paint work. I think I could save a lot of money by first stripping the paint off the car, and taking it apart for the body guys, and then doing some or all of the final spray and rub-out. I have skills from my job as a refinisher that I think would translate well.

I recently was hanging out with an acquaintance of mine who works with all the body shops in the area. He said that a lot of them have very slow business just now, and he thinks he could find one that would welcome a guy like me, who would like to rent the booth and a bit of instruction.

Here again, I would be paying what I would for a cheaper job, and have the option of getting higher quality if I busted my butt to do it. Sanding and rub-out are extremely labor-intensive, which is why a good paint job is so expensive.

I don’t feel good about doing the body work, since I don’t have any experience there. A good foundation is so important. I think I’d rather have someone do the prep and then do the finishing stuff myself.

Still not sure on this one, but seriously considering it.

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Exhaust Work

June 4th, 2009 No comments

I figure if I’m thinking of building my own headers, I may as well think of building my own exhaust system. It would be much less complex than the headers would be, and I can probalby save some money on it.

Like a lot of things, I might pay the same amount as I would for a “cheap job” but end up with better quality. For instance, I may be able to do it myself with mandrel-bent tubing for around what I would pay for regular tubing bent in a pipe bender. It would also allow me to make it specifically to fit the car. I had a problem with my last exhaust system – in a bump, the rear diff/axle housing would slam into the exhaust pipes. The brake hard lines are mounted in just such a way that one of them got smashed in that action, and shut off braking to one rear wheel, forever causing the car to pitch to one side under hard braking. That took a while to figure out…

Apparently, welding aluminized pipe is not that different from welding mild steel. The coating is quite thin.

I plan to move the ends of the pipes up to go out the rear valence, as in a GT. I like that look, and I’ve already bought the rear valence for it.

It may be a bit presumptuous to think that I can do such a great custom job with it, but it’s probably worth a shot.

New Trunk Lid

June 4th, 2009 No comments

Again on CL, I found a guy selling an original ’66 trunk lid. Still has its spare tire instructions on the bottom. At $45, it’s much cheaper than getting the body work done on mine, which has a kink in it from an accident I had many years ago. Score.

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New Hood

June 4th, 2009 No comments

Browsing Craig’s List, I found someone selling a fiberglass, GT-350 style (with a scoop) hood. It’s the kind with a full steel frame, so it should be rigid enough, while being lighter and of course, adding the cool-looking scoop. I imagine the scoop will get me a bit of cool air for the intake as well.

I’ll need to get some lighter-rate hood springs for it, so that it won’t bow.

I needed a new hood anyway. My current one is a Taiwanese knockoff, and as such, is thinner metal and has bowed. Also, I put 4 little dents in the bottom (that show on the top) several years ago, when Matt and I tried pulling the engine out without removing the hood first – doh!

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May 24th, 2009 No comments
The car as it was before the project

The car as it was before the project

This is the car as it was before I put it up on stands and tore it apart.

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