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Pressure Isolators are Cool

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Autometer pressure isolator, P/N 5282

Autometer pressure isolator, P/N 5282

Pressure isolators are the coolest thing since sliced bread. This is one area where I probably went overboard and spent money I didn’t strictly have to spend. However, it gave me some peace of mind. I have in the car mechanical fuel and oil pressure gauges. So, if they fail, fuel and 200 degree oil could come into the cabin under pressure and in theory, ignite.

In reality, the quantities we’re talking about are quite small so I probably shouldn’t have worried about it. Disclaimer out of the way, I’ll explain why I think they are so cool. The brass bit has a diaphragm in it. The hose on one side goes to the pressure source. The hose on the other side is filled with a mix of antifreeze and water, and goes to the gauge side. You mount the isolator in the engine compartment and run the line inside the car to the gauge (in the kit, they even include the right rubber grommet for your firewall). The diaphragm transfers the pressure change from the source fluid to the non-flammable fluid and thereby to the gauge.

Cool right? AN-4 fittings are used, but AN-4 to 1/8 NPT adapters are included so that you can adapt to the standard gauge fittings.

Floor Pan Work

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Img 2820

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Img 2820

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For now, I’ve chosen to leave the interior pretty stock. Later, maybe I’ll want to strip it all out and make it a race car, but I like the street-or-track nature of what I’m doing for now.

  • Black carpet kit from Auto Custom Carpets – this is a high-quality kit that fits very well without much customization.
  • Scat Pro-Car Rally style seats. These fit pretty well into the early Mustang. They look vintage, and they provide a lot of side-support for hard cornering. They are not too expensive, and they provide a lot of adjustment and support. Right out of the box, they seem to sit a bit high, so I might have to adjust the mounts later. we’ll see
  • Stewart Warner Stage III gauges. I got 8 of these used for a good deal. They are high-quality and look good. They look a bit more 70’s than 60’s, so a purist might not go this way. Later on, I may replace them with something else. For now, it’s a killer amount of instrumentation and I got a great deal. I’ll have: Tach, Speedo, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Fuel Level, Fuel Pressure, and Volts.
  • 3 point seat belts. I got a 3 point seat belt kit from Delta Bay Mustang. I had to drill a couple holes, but they fit well, and will be a lot safer than the stock lap belts. Later, I’ll get a roll cage and 5 point belts.
  • Re-painted dash
  • New dash pad
  • Moto-Lita GT-350 style steering wheel – the style from the ’65 GT-350
  • New shift-handle. I got a new Hurst shift handle, because my old one angled forward, and I had to lean forward to shift into R, 1, 3. The problem is, the one I got angles backward too far. I think I’ll have to get yet another, that goes straight up.
  • New “package tray”. I’d cut holes out for speakers in the old one. new 315 will have no stereo.
  • Ran new, heat-shrink covered wiring back to trunk area for fuel sending unit and later electric fuel pump or other accessory.
  • POR-15 on new floor pans to prevent later rust
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