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Adjusting the Koni Shocks

November 2nd, 2009 No comments

I paid a visit to Ray this past weekend, and he told me the adjustments to make on the Koni Classic shocks. Initially, I’d just put them in the middle of their range. He’d spent some development time on his car though, and determined that the appropriate adjustment for our cars would be:

Rear: 1 turn in from softest

Front: 2 turns in from softest

So what you do is push the shock all the way closed and turn CCW until it stops. That’s the limit on the soft side. Turn CW 2 for front and 1 for rear shocks.

In the rear, I was in luck, because the rear end is still down and the shocks were just hanging down. I guess what you’d do though, is just undo the bottom mounting nut and push it closed from the bottom.

In the front, I had to remove not only the top shock to shock collar fasteners, but also the shock collar nuts. I had to take out the Monte Carlo bar as well, because the tops of the shocks would not push down past rim of the Monte Carlo bar.

When I did this, it exposed a mistake that I had made when I put them in in the first place. The bottom mounts weren’t tight at all! I had tightened the bottom shock mount nuts with the top ones already tightened. Since the mounting surface on the bottom is a bit tilted, and spring-loaded, tightening the top first didn’t allow the bottom ones to sit flush with the mount surface. It gave me a false torque reading. Glad I checked that.

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