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Seam Welding Frame Rails

December 14th, 2009 No comments

Taking another page from Ray’s book, I’ve decided to do some seam welding. I’m doing 1″ welds, a couple inches apart, along some of the frame rails, where they meet the body panels. I guess the stock spot-welds aren’t that great as far as torsional rigidity. anyway it’s an easy enough way to add some stiffness into the body. I’m also going to weld the shock towers. There is bracing where the control arm fasteners come through the shock towers. It’s spot-welded in place and since I’m going to be asking a lot more of those joints with the larger tires and the higher speed corners on the track, I’ll go ahead and weld around those seams as well. I might not worry about it with the frame rails that I already welded to the new floor pans, because I know I welded those really strong.

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Suspension Mounts Finally Welded In

December 6th, 2009 No comments

I have FINALLY finished welding in the rear suspension mounts. Most of it went well. On the driver’s side I blew through the frame rail and had to build it up. The result is ugly as sin, but will hold the thing in place.

Now it’s getting cold out in the garage! Harder to get motivated to go out and work on the car. Actually this project is feeling like such a long one that sometimes I have difficulty working up the motivation to go out and work on it. I know it’s on the down-hill side of it now though.

Dad and I will be working on the motor at Ray’s over the weekend of the 19th. I can’t wait to get that together and get this thing running!

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Dims of my current headers

December 6th, 2009 No comments

I’m going to have to replace my headers, but I thought I would go ahead and measure my current Doug Thorley Tri-Y style headers so that Scott can see if my current ones will do in a pinch. Here are the current dims:

I first measured the primary tubes. I measured them from the top, so it’s longer than from the side or bottom, but it was the most accessible, and it’s at least consistent. I’ll list the primary tube length, which is from the non-gasket side of the flange, to the first weld joint where they go into the secondary tubes. I’ll also list the overall length, which includes the length from header gasket to collector gasket. Besides the primary tubes, I measured the other tubing on the side of the bend so that’s more neutral.

1: Primary: 11.75, OAL: 39.3
2: Primary: 9.5, OAL: 37
3: Primary: 11, OAL: 33
4: Primary: 11, OAL: 33
5: Primary: 14.25, OAL: 39
6: Primary: 14.25, OAL: 34
7: Primary: 9.25, OAL: 36.55
8: Primary: 9, OAL: 31.3

Collector Length: 5.25
Collector ID: 2.35-2.4
Primary OD: 1.5
Secondary OD: 1.75

Primary tube openings at header gasket: 1.15-1.25 W x 1.6 H

1,2 share a secondary. 2,4 also
5,7 share a secondary. 6,8 also