This is a site about my car, a 1965 Mustang Notchback. I’ve had this car since 1995. It replaced a 1983 Mustang GT that I was given at the end of college and had basically driven to death. 315 was my daily driver for years and it has been off and on through the years since. Some time in late 2007, I decided I’d like it to look a little better on the inside, so I bought a dash pad, a new instrument bezel, and a nice carpet kit. So far so good, until I took the old carpet out and noticed… I could see the garage floor! And that’s where the project started….

I considered having someone replace the floor pans, but me being me, I figured I could save some money by learning how to do it myself. I bought a Mig welder – a trusty Lincoln 175 and set to learning about metal-work. Months later and a lot of learning, I got the floor pans in, but somewhere in there, I joined Nor Cal Shelby American Auto Club, and then my plan got re-focused. Now, 315 is well on its way to being a 50/50 street/track car.

Why the #? My birthday is March 15 and I’ve always liked 3s, 5s, and 15s. When I joined the Shelby Club and started Open Tracking with my daily driver, a Scion TC, my wife had the # reserved for me as my permanent number with that club.

I put this site together to chronicle the process, partly so I don’t forget what I did!

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