This is my first major rebuild. I’m learning a ton through the work, and from friends. My aim with this car is a 50/50 street/track. I want to be able to Open Track it, and drive it back home. Doing that, you run across a million compromises, and I fully expect that I’ll end up with neither the best track car, nor the best street car. Very likely, I’ll get some of these compromises right and some wrong. I’ll change my mind along the way and re-build things, buy new parts to replace other new parts…

Don’t take my advice! This is really not meant as a “how to” but more like a record that I’m sharing of my process. I’m sure that years from now, I’ll go back and wonder why I did things a certain way. You’d be better suited seeking advice from experts who actually know what they’re talking about : D I’ve benefited immensely from being in Nor Cal SAAC and taking the advice of the people there. A lot of those guys have been through the same process time and again, and know where the pitfalls lie. I’m really thankful for their help.

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