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May 24th, 2009 No comments

Anticipating the higher fuel usage that I’ll be experiencing at the track, I bought a 3/8″ hard line to replace the 5/16″ stock unit. Taking a hint from Carroll Smith, I put heat-shrink tubing on the line in the wheel-well areas, to protect it from rocks and whatnot.

To go from the hard-line to the pump, carb, and fuel cell, I installed Aeroquip AN-6 line and swivel fittings. Making these lines was fun. I found that the best way to cut the stuff was with a chisel and a big hammer! I tried a cut-off wheel, chop saw, hack saw, and found that the cut-off wheel and chop saw left a lot of debris inside the line. The hacksaw got dulled nearly immediately on the stainless braid, and the braid tended to fray too easily. Wrapping it tightly with electrical tape and chopping it with a chisel worked the best.

Aeroquip Vise Jaw InsertsI also bought the Aeroquip vise jaw inserts, which I found to be of great help in the assembly of the fittings. Sometimes it’s worth it to just buy the right tool.

Fuel Safe Sportsman

Fuel Safe Sportsman

I lucked out and found a guy who had bought a 16 gallon Fuel Safe for his Mustang, and hadn’t installed it. So it was new – still in the box – and at a used price.  The Centroid sending unit that it had installed was not the right ohm range for my gauge (I bought a full set of Stewart Warner Stage III gauges from Ray), so I had to get a new one of those. No problem there though.

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