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Some new engine parts

October 17th, 2009 No comments

Engine parts decided

June 20th, 2009 No comments

So, the engine config is all settled and the machinist has started to work.

  • Displacement: 331CI
  • Bore: 4.030
  • Stroke: 3.25
  • HP and Torque: ~410-420
  • Heads: AFR 165 #1402, 58CC, P/N 00031561
  • Valve springs: AFR 8019
  • Cam: Isky roller – custom grind
  • Lifters: Isky Hydraulic roller – made to fit standard base circle cam in old style block, P/N3860-HYRT
  • Rockers: Comp Cams Ultra Pro-Magnum – chrome-moly roller rockers, P/N 1632-16
  • Intake: Edelbrock RPM Performer Air Gap
  • Timing set: Racemaster from Australia Muscle Parts – this is a set imported by Keith Craft Racing, that will basically eliminate any chance of cam walk as I understand it – P/N AMP-351W
  • Crank: Scat 9000
  • Bearings: King
  • Rods: Scat I Beam “Scat54”
  • Pistons: SRP forged P/N 206066
  • Rod cap nuts: ARP 8740 “Scat 17”
  • Rings: Total Seal P/N CR 3690 35
  • Pushrods: Manley 25630-16 with 4130 swedged end
  • Screw in freeze plugs
  • Oil pump: Melling “M” Select – P/N 10687
  • Oil Pump drive shaft: Milodon
  • Convert main cap bolts to Milodon studs and include windage tray mount
  • Oil Pan: Armando’s Road Race oil pan #402 – 9.5 qts
  • Internal balance of rotating assembly
  • Harmonic Damper: Pioneer SFI 18.1 rated, P/N 872034 – Scratch that – The Pioneer unit had the timing marks on the wrong side for the timing cover I have. I replaced it with a very nice BHJ unit.
  • Flywheel: Ram aluminum with 10″ and 10.5″ clutch bolt patterns, P/N 2529
  • Clutch: Centerforce I – Pressure Plate P/N CF360030, Disc 280490, Throwout bearing N1439
  • Head Bolts: ARP 154-3601
  • Gasket – Intake: Fel Pro 1262S-3
  • Gasket – Head: Fel Pro 1011-1
  • Gasket – Timing Cover set (with main seal): TCS 45008
  • Gasket – Oil Pan:  OS 13262 T
  • Gasket – Valve Cover: 1684
  • Carb: not positive yet but Holley ~650CFM Vac or Mechanical secondary – UPDATE – 600+ CFM Holley 4150 with Mechanical secondaries, modified to Stage III spec by The Carb Shop
  • Headers: Probably 1 5/8 long tube (still undecided on length and maker) – UPDATE – Hooker Super Comp P/N 6111-HKR – I cut off the collectors and added my own pipe there to the right length and ID
  • de-burr and smooth all oil and water passageways
  • Machine cam bearings for proper oil flow (this involves changing the place where the oil contacts the cam bearing, making it much more efficient lubrication than the stock setup)
  • Port and clearance oil pump
  • Re-machine for single piece rear main seal (the old 2 piece ones are so problematic)
  • Port-match heads and intake

Ray, Dad and I will be doing all the final assembly, port and clearance of the oil pump, dialing the cam, etc. Bob Gromm at Gromm Racing Heads is doing all the machine work and re-working the heads to be sure they are as good as they can get. He’s also port-matching the heads and intake for good flow.

This is a graph of the simulation of the power it should make:315 engine graph

Is this the recipe for your car? No it’s not. It’s based on a ton of decisions and trade-offs. Everything is inter-related and everything has it’s ups and downs. This is my attempt at building a reliable, powerful motor out of my old ’68 302 block. I’m hoping for a balance of streetability and trackability.

As I’ve gone through this process I’ve really gotten some respect for the fact that there’s no simple “bolt on solution”. Everything works together and choices in one area mean choices in another.

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