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Transmission tunnel repair

February 19th, 2010 No comments

So, a previous owner installed some kind of wacky shifter. In order to make room for it, they cut a big chunk out of the frame that goes across the transmission tunnel. Since I’m trying to strengthen everything now, I am going to change the shifter out, and Ray and I will build some custom shift linkage (more pics of that later) that will fit better. We’ll bend our own rods, and use rod ends instead of the stock shift linkage mounts.

Because we’ll be making the new linkage and replacing the shifter, I repaired the hole in the frame. That will certainly make things stiffer, since it’s one of the few crossmembers that exist in this old unibody car.

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Seam Welding Frame Rails

December 14th, 2009 No comments

Taking another page from Ray’s book, I’ve decided to do some seam welding. I’m doing 1″ welds, a couple inches apart, along some of the frame rails, where they meet the body panels. I guess the stock spot-welds aren’t that great as far as torsional rigidity. anyway it’s an easy enough way to add some stiffness into the body. I’m also going to weld the shock towers. There is bracing where the control arm fasteners come through the shock towers. It’s spot-welded in place and since I’m going to be asking a lot more of those joints with the larger tires and the higher speed corners on the track, I’ll go ahead and weld around those seams as well. I might not worry about it with the frame rails that I already welded to the new floor pans, because I know I welded those really strong.

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